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Items We Take

Items We Take

You don’t just clean an entire house. That type of work takes a lot of time and effort. But the worst part about it all? You’ll end up with a lot of junk. And no, we’re not talking about a few bags you can load into the back of your truck. We’re looking at a mountain of broken appliances, old furniture, and maybe even a mattress. Worse, even if you can call a few buddies to help you out, that will not cut it.

For instance, let’s say you want to sweep off the garage. So you are the place out and start taking rubbish that’s been gathering dust for ages. However, you’re not just going to find some old car supplies you’ve left behind. There could be paint cans, old work tools, misplaced chairs, and so many more. And even if you’re lucky enough to fit everything in the back of your car, do you know how hard it is to haul these things to a junkyard? You might not even have a nearby landfill for an easy drop-off.

However, it’s not the end of the world. And if you need help, that’s when you call Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving for hauling services. Our team of experts knows the ins and outs of all kinds of hauling solutions. So whether you’re throwing out some lawn debris or cleaning out the attic, we’ve got you covered. We’ve got a fleet of trucks and access to industry-standard equipment and you’ll get the best kind of work quality for no extra charge.

Items we take

So to give you a good ballpark of what we do, here are all the junk items we take:

  • Furniture Removal, Disposal, and Recycling
  • Appliance Removal & Disposal
  • Mattress Disposal & Removal
  • Yard Waste Removal
  • Cleanout Services
  • Garage Cleanouts
  • House Cleanouts
  • Hot Tub Removal & Disposal
  • Furniture Removal, Disposal, and Recycling

Every home needs furniture. For example, you can’t call a kitchen and dining room complete if you don’t have a dining set. And if we scootch on over to the living room, you’ve got to have a proper couch. Plus, these things come in different shapes and sizes so it’s no surprise why people spend lots of time and money picking out the ones they like. But what’s the catch? Well, even top-of-the-line furniture will only last for a while. And past that 7-year mark, they’ll start showing signs of wear and tear.

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Luckily, you don’t need to worry about finding a replacement. Ordering a brand-new model online takes no time at all. You can have that thing shipped by the very next day. The real problem comes with junk furniture. That thing’s not going anywhere until you do something about it and it’s going to be an eyesore the entire time until you get rid of it but you can’t carry something that heavy yourself without running into problems.

But does that mean you toss up everything in the air and leave it for next time? No, you don’t need to wait for the next time. That’s because Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving can clean up any junk furniture right now. All you need to do is call us, and the rest is history. You can leave the rest of the removal process to our team.

Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving can even guarantee eco-friendly disposal practices. We don’t just leave junk furniture in landfills. We drop them off at recycling facilities for proper disassembly. And if donations are an option, we will also give them away to charities. As a result, you’re hitting two birds with one stone. You get to clear up the space back at home while cutting back on your carbon footprint.

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No, It’s Not Just Junk!

Sure, we know that an old sofa might look like it will only cause more problems for someone else. Plus, a bedside table that’s seen better years won’t pass any modern design standards too. But these things are far from nothing but junk criteria. A lot of what gets thrown away can still squeak out a few more years. So letting them sit in a junkyard is a waste of something perfectly usable.

As a result, our team will work with partner charities. And instead of throwing furniture away, we’ll fix them up and give them out as donations. In doing so, we get to turn someone’s day around and reduce the amount of stuff that ends up in a landfill and Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving will take that opportunity any day.

Items we take (3)

Recycling’s outstanding, and It Works for Junk Furniture Too

Of course, as great as donations sound. They don’t work for all junk furniture. Sometimes these things are beyond help and doing any repairs will only cost more than any benefit it can provide. But does that mean we’re out of eco-friendly options? No, because recycling can work too. Junk furniture is made from plastics, metals, and wooden materials. And we can use them by recycling.

“Doesn’t that take a lot more work?”

Yes, of course! And it’s worth every bit of extra effort. Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving strongly stands by green practices so we will recycle every bit that we can whenever we can. Of course, it might seem small versus the big picture of junk problems but every bit we help counts as a solid contribution on the right path. And the best part? We won’t charge you any extra for recycling junk furniture.

Items we take (4)

If you’ve got questions, contact our team. But for anything specific to junk items, here’s a quick list of all the junk furniture pieces we can take:

  • Couches
  • Sofas
  • Beds
  • Mattresses
  • Chairs
  • Tables
  • Bookcases
  • Cubicles
  • Desks
  • Cabinets
  • Boxes
  • Armoires
  • Tool Units
  • Appliance Removal & Disposal
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We love appliances. They make a lot of stuff easier to do. For example, you don’t need to worry about coffee in the morning. These modern coffee makers can make them for you in an instant. Not to mention higher-end models can even make them on a set schedule. However, even appliances suffer from the same problems as furniture. You can pay as much as you want, but they’re not invincible and you’ll notice signs of wear and tear after that 6-year mark.

Sure, you could order a new one online. But that doesn’t solve the problem of junk appliances, right? You’re still going to get rid of it and while the coffeemaker example sounds easy enough. It’s not always that simple. For instance, what if you have the refrigerator stop working? You will not haul that on the back of your truck, right?

On the bright side, you won’t need to stress yourself out. Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving is no stranger to appliance removal jobs. And if you call us right away, we’ll be there to help in no time at all. Plus, with our team’s proven efficiency, we can get rid of any junk with a same-day completion guarantee. We’ll still go the extra mile with eco-friendly hauling solutions. So we’ve got you covered for helping Mother Nature at the same time.

Recycling Can Work for Junk Appliances Too

You don’t have to throw away junk appliances right away. So what’s the alternative, you ask? Well, a lot of what gets thrown out may be broken. But that doesn’t mean they’re down to zero value. Most junk appliances are made of plastics, metals, and other recyclable parts and we can send them out for disassembly and recycling instead. As a result, we can get a lot more from supposed-to-be rubbish instead of letting them sit in a junkyard.

Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving will always recycle stuff first. So don’t you worry about a big freezer or a broken washing machine? We’ll always prioritize eco-friendly disposal. In doing so, we reduce the environmental impact of the removal job and that’s a solid win in our book every single time.

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You’ll Be Surprised at What Junk Can Do

Nobody knows your appliances better than you do. Plus, you’ve used that old dishwasher for so many Thanksgiving Dinners. Not to mention every other occasion when it’s been through hell and back. So it should be out of usefulness, right? Well, even junk appliances can surprise you. These things can last as long as 15 years. So with a few repairs, anything can come back to working condition. And that’s what we intend to do.

Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving recognizes the opportunity to donate. And when we find any good-condition appliances, we’ll always set them aside. Instead of throwing them away, we’ll work with partner charities and relief groups. In doing so, we can help those in much less fortunate situations. And even if some of the stuff looks beat up to you, others could still benefit so we’ll always follow through on the opportunity to help for no extra cost.

Items we take (7)

If you’ve got questions, contact our team. But for anything specific to junk items, here’s a quick list of all the junk appliances we can take:

  • Air Conditioners
  • Refrigerators
  • Ovens
  • Stoves
  • Microwaves
  • Toasters
  • BBQ Grills
  • Washers
  • Dryers
  • Televisions
  • Heaters
  • Fans
  • Dishwashers
  • Water Heaters
  • Mattress Disposal & Removal
Items we take (8)

Good sleep is important. It’s the one thing that helps you start a new day fresh and full of energy and that’s why people aren’t that stingy about mattresses. Everyone wants to get their full 8 hours of uninterrupted beauty rest. Sadly, even the most expensive models won’t stand the test of time. They’ll start showing signs of wear and tear after 7 years of use. Not to mention the clear staining and sagging that will happen.

Fortunately, getting a replacement mattress isn’t a problem. You can receive these things on your doorstep in an instant through delivery. Plus, they’re very compact nowadays. So you won’t need to worry about hauling a huge queen-size model into your bedroom.

“But if that’s the case, then what’s the downside?”

Well, that old junk mattress isn’t going anywhere. Worse, it’s one of the toughest kinds of junk items to get rid of. It might feel soft to the touch. But that thing can cause a lot of problems. And if you try to balance it on your back, that’s just a recipe for disaster. Even calling a few friends will not solve your problem either and that’s because there’s still the hauling process. So unless you’ve got previous experience, good luck finding a place to leave it.

But does that mean you just give up and hide it somewhere? No, that’s when you give our team a call. Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving can handle any mattress disposal job. And even if you’re clearing out multiple bedrooms, nothing’s going to stop us from doing a good job. We’ve got all the equipment and capacity to carry these mattresses with ease. Plus, we’ve got the experience and track record to back it up so we’ll be in and out before you can even notice.

We Can Handle All the Heavy Stuff

Sure, mattresses might seem easy enough to carry. It’s pretty enticing to try, too but these things are very tricky to get rid of because of balance. Putting it on your back will only cause the junk mattress to pick up slack elsewhere. And if you’re not the best at coordination, you can easily trip and fall. Worse, you don’t want this to happen when going down a few flights of stairs.

However, Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving takes away all the guesswork and you can leave any of the heavy stuff to us. As a result, you won’t need to worry about putting yourself in harm’s way just to get rid of a junk mattress. We’ll guarantee your safety and make things look like a walk in the park so you can sit back, relax, and watch the team do its magic.

Items we take (9)

We’ll Recycle Any Mattress for You

Donations are off the table because mattresses are a bit too personal. As a result, it might be too much of a hygiene problem. So what’s the next best thing? Well, junk mattresses still carry a lot of value. These things are made of plastics, metal frames, and many recyclable parts. As a result, letting them sit in a landfill’s not doing any good. It’s only adding to the already problematic mattress-landfill crisis and that’s why sending mattresses to recycling facilities is a much better option.

Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving understands the green opportunity with mattress disposal. So instead of taking them to a landfill, recycling is the way to go and our team will haul them to the facilities for disassembly. In doing so, we can cut back on the problems they could cause and save you space at the same time. Plus, even if it’s a small contribution, every little we can do counts.

Items we take (10)

Yard Waste Removal

You don’t simply clean a yard. It’s not as easy as it sounds. That type of responsibility can easily eat up an entire weekend. For example, after mowing the front lawn. You still got an entire backyard to clean up too. Plus, that’s not counting all the extra stuff that pops up along the way. Like fallen branches or outdoor furniture that’s in dire need of a replacement.

But the worst part? You can’t just leave it by the curbside for regular trash day pickup. Local waste management can only take a certain amount from each house and if you’ve recently gone through a deep yard waste removal session. Regular garbage trucks can only take whatever fits inside your biodegradable trash bin.

Items we take (11)

“Wait, can’t I just load it up onto my truck and get rid of it myself?”

While DIYs for yard waste removal sound like a great idea, you’ll end up with a lot more stress than you bargained for. For example, if you’ve spent the entire day cleaning out your backyard. You’ll be hard-pressed for time. And on top of being super heavy, yard debris is notorious for attracting unwanted pests. Worse, not everybody’s got a nearby landfill they can easily visit.

Fortunately, you won’t need to put your plans on hiatus. Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving is a master of yard waste removal services and our team will make quick work of any lawn clippings and sod that need to be hauled away. No job’s too big of an ask because we’ve got the muscle and experience to back it up so you’ll get the best work quality available.

We Handle 100% Of the Work

Yard waste removal projects are tough to work on and that’s because cleaning the place out is barely enough. You’ll have to haul away a lot of debris and maybe even a few stumps along the way. So even if you can get a few friends and family to help, elbow grease can’t take all the work. As a result, it’s really hard to justify DIY. You’re just giving yourself too much stress for one weekend.

Meanwhile, if you work with our team, Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving will handle 100% of the work. You won’t even need to lift a finger. Our professionals know the ins and outs of any problem they would encounter. And no matter how tough things look right now, we can make any disposal service look like a walk in the park. Plus, we got all our equipment to help as well. And the best part? You won’t need to pay extra for this level of professionalism. It comes with the package!

Items we take (12)

Landscaping Cleanup Pros at Your Service

Sometimes you’re not simply trimming the lawn and doing basic maintenance. There will always be a season for landscaping and home improvement projects. And while it can be a lot of hard work, it’s always a substantial investment. However, the planning and construction are already tough enough and yet you’re still expected to do the clean-up. So what’s the solution? That’s when you call Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving.

Whether it’s demolition debris or leftover construction supplies. We can pick up the slack after a landscaping project and make things transition a lot more smoothly. As a result, you won’t need to pull an all-nighter when you’re tired from landscaping work. And the best part? We’ll be in and out before you can even notice. Plus, if we get to start early, then we might even finish on the same day as well.

Items we take (13)

If you’ve got questions, contact our team. But for anything specific to junk items, here’s a quick list of all the yard waste and debris we can take:

  • Branches
  • Lawn Clippings
  • Stumps
  • Landscape Trimmings
  • Soil
  • Sod
  • Landscaping Debris
  • Cleanout Services
Items we take (14)

Life can be unpredictable and one of the hardest moments to juggle is when cleaning out the entire house is part of the concern. For example, if you finally get that call from a loved one to move in together. Or if you’ve landed that promotion in a different city. You’ll have to pick up the pace and start cleaning up your things fast. However, it’s a lot easier said than done. And no matter how well you perform under pressure. Time management while doing a full property cleanout is never a good thing to try.

Asking for help will not cut it either. Friends and family can only do so much until you need actual expert help. For example, if a huge problem pops up mid-way through the cleanup. And you’ve also got some documents to double-check before. What happens then? Well, you’re sandwiched between a rock and a hard place!

Luckily, Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving offers the best cleanout services on the market. Our team covers (1) estate cleanouts, (2) eviction cleanouts, and (3) hoarder cleanouts so no matter what kind of challenge you’re up against now. We’ll be right there to back you up. And even if things seem stressful, you can leave the harder steps to us.

Estate Cleanouts

Whether you’re downsizing or taking care of stuff after a loved one’s passing. It’s never easy to clean out an entire estate. You’ll have to go through appliances, furniture, and all kinds of belongings. Plus, not everything’s worth keeping to. A lot of the stuff counts as junk, and you’ll need to haul them away. And while starting things, yourself might be easy at first. The work, stress, and emotions can quickly pile up.

In contrast, Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving can make things move a lot faster and easier. We have a lot of experience with downsizing. And if you’re having trouble grieving after a loved one’s death, you can leave the organizing to our team as well. Our professionals will handle everything with care. And we’ll double-check with you for special instructions. Plus, we’ll take any junk item straight to recycling for no extra cost.

Eviction Cleanouts

Renting out properties can have a lot of benefits. But is it always sunshine and rainbows? Sadly, there are moments when you encounter tenant nightmares. They’ll follow no house rules you set. Worse, even after sending them an eviction notice, they’ll still trash the place. As a result, you’re left with a mess that’s going to cost you time and money to fix. You’re going to have to deal with vacancies as well.

But does that mean you just raise the white flag? No, that’s when you ring up Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving for help. We offer the best eviction cleanout services in the market and we’ll go over any mountain of junk and make things look like a breeze. Plus, we won’t just haul stuff away. We’ll let you know what stuff can still work. So you’ll save a lot more money, and you can get the place back up for rent again ASAP.

Hoarder Cleanouts

Hoarding is an actual issue. It’s not something you easily get over and call a day and it takes a lot of courage to take that big step forward to change. But the decision isn’t the hardest part, the actual process of cleaning out a hoarder’s home is one of the toughest cleaning challenges you’ll face and that’s because you’re not just clearing out junk. You’ll need to set aside what few items get to stay and haul away the rest to the junkyard.

But do you need to do all these things alone? No, because Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving got your back. Our professionals know the effort and care that go into hoarder cleanout and we’ll be with you through every step of the process. Plus, after you’ve segregated the stuff you plan on keeping. You can leave the rest to us. We’ll even do you one better and recycle all the junk we’ll find. So apart from regaining that much-needed space, we’ll also help Mother Nature too.

Garage Cleanouts

You can get a lot of value from the garage and that’s because it’s not just a place for your car. You can use it for a lot of different things. For example, if you need a bit more entertainment, why not switch things up with an in-home theater? Or if you’ve been meaning to build a workshop, why not transform the place into a personal work area?

However, before jumping headfirst into planning. There’s one thing you need to know. There’s a catch. Garages are infamous for hiding a lot of junk and mess in places you wouldn’t expect. You will be bombarded with so much rubbish the moment you try to organize things. For instance, you’ll end up with old car supplies and broken junk that’s been gathering dust for years. You will have difficulty disposing of these things quickly because they can be pretty bulky.

But does that mean you cancel all plans for a renovation? No, of course not! Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving offers the best garage cleanout services you’ll ever find. It’s not just the quality, we also have affordable pricing plans too. So you’re not just getting the place cleaned up, and the junk hauled away. We will give you a bit more wiggle room in the budget, too. We always opt for eco-friendly disposal practices so anything we find will go straight to recycling facilities.

A Bunch of Recyclable Stuff

It might be hard to believe at first but a lot of the junk and mess you’ll find in the garage is recyclable. For example, we’ve got old car supplies and rusty tools that could still work. And if we send them to recycling facilities, there’s a bunch of metals and plastics you can take from these items. That’s just the tip of the iceberg. You can also find broken equipment that you can recycle and it goes to show how far you can take the recycling in a garage cleanout.

Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving will always follow eco-friendly disposal services. So no matter how complex the job turns out to be, it will not stop us from keeping things clean and green. Sure, it might not seem like much of a contribution but we strongly believe that every bit of work done still counts. Plus, you won’t have to pay anything extra for this service.

Items we take (15)

But There Are a Few Exceptions

We’ll haul away just about anything you can throw at us. However, garage cleanouts are also infamous for not-so-safe junk. For example, it’s common to find a few dead batteries, old cases of car oils, and other harmful chemicals and while these things might seem like normal items. They count as hazardous waste. So if they get mixed up with any other junk. The entire load becomes contaminated, and it’s no longer recyclable.

As a result, Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving has to make a few exceptions. And when we encounter any hazardous junk items during a garage cleanout, we can’t take them away. Luckily, there are specific state guidelines for proper disposal so you won’t need to worry about keeping them around. Plus, some locations even have special disposal services available. But as far as our reach goes, this type of junk is off the table.

Items we take (16)

House Cleanouts

There’s no easy way around a house cleanout. It’s a tough responsibility that takes a lot of time and effort to do right and while the first room might go pretty fast. Everything else that comes after will feel like a grueling battle against yourself. But the worst part? Well, you’ll end up with more junk than expected. Remember, you’re doing a full sweep of your property so you’re bound to find stuff you didn’t expect and end up creating a mess you thought you could avoid.

What’s worse, you can’t fix the aftermath of regular cleaning tactics. These aren’t just a few trash bags you can leave on the curbside. You’ll have junk furniture, appliances, and other stuff that’s been gathering dust. And even if you’re not alone doing all of this work, it will surely feel like you’re not making any progress. Only expert help and proper equipment can help you from there on out.

So what’s the right call? Well, that’s when you contact Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving. Our team is no stranger to house cleanouts. And no matter how much junk’s in our way, we can make these things disappear in a blink of an eye. Plus, we’re also pretty flexible with instructions. So if you’ve got any specific guidelines, we will take them into account and follow them. In doing so, we can keep things as convenient as possible for you without cutting back on work quality.

Junk’s Not the Only Thing We Can Find

People get the wrong idea that house cleanouts mean taking out all the trash. But is that really the case for every single person out there? No, of course not! House cleanout services uncover a lot of stuff. And it’s not just junk, you can find a lot of useful and recyclable things too. For example, you might discover old, unused furniture and appliances just gathering dust. As a result, throwing them away would only be a waste.

Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving guarantees eco-friendly disposal with any house cleanout. And no matter how much stuff we’ll have to dig through, you can count on our green practices. In doing so, we get to cut back on the environmental impact of the job. Plus, you won’t need to worry about paying extra as well.

Items we take (17)

The Most Flexible Services on the Market

House cleanouts don’t follow the same plan for every single property out there. Every single home’s got a unique layout and distinct characteristics. As a result, Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving understands the necessity of careful planning. Our professionals will always approach any job with professionalism to ensure work quality.

But the best part? We’re very flexible. And we’ll always put your instructions first before anything else. So if you’ve got anything specific in mind, don’t shy away from telling us! It’s still your home. And we want to get you the outcome you want and deserve.

Items we take (18)

Hot Tub Removal & Disposal

We love hot tubs just as much as the next guy. Plus, these bad boys make significant investments too. Not only do you get the benefit of making your backyard look ten times better, but it’s also great for parties. Plus, it’s not too shabby with value as well. And with one quick installation, it’s a great backyard improvement project to try.

However, despite all the good things they bring. They’ve also got downsides. For example, an outdoor hot tub and jacuzzi won’t last forever. In fact, after the 10-year mark, you’ll start seeing clear signs of wear and tear. And before you know it, you’ll be facing the biggest problem of them all: getting rid of an old, broken hot tub.

These things are no slouch for disposal. And if you thought installation was hard enough, removal’s a lot harder. On the one hand, hot tubs are extremely heavy. So you can’t just solve the problem by yourself; you’ll need extra hands. The weight’s going to be a huge trouble for any ordinary pickup truck.

Luckily, that’s where Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving comes in to save the day. Our professionals have plenty of experience with hot tub removals. As a result, even the oldest junk on the market will be a breeze with our team on the job. Plus, we won’t just take them to the nearest landfill. We’ll go the extra mile by dropping them off at recycling facilities.

But how much will a removal cost me?

Goodfellas Junk Hauling & Moving follows a per-volume pricing plan for all removal jobs. As a result, the ultimate costs for every service will vary. So the more space a certain junk pile takes, the more it will cost. But if it’s just a few trash bags, then it will be a lot cheaper. On the bright side, getting you a free estimate will only take a few minutes. And after we’ve gone through the details, you’ll get a quote instantly.

But if you want to know more about how the removal costs are calculated, contact us or learn more about our junk removal pricing.

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